Copper Repipe

Many homes in Orange County, LA County & Inland Empire were originally plumbed with galvanized iron pipes, which over time will rust and corrode.  

Corrosion actually reduces the inside diameter of the pipe, so the longer this process goes on, the smaller the opening of the pipe becomes.

This means less water is flowing to every faucet, shower or toilet in your house. This is what most people are experiencing when they say, Low Water Pressure.

Then there are those microscopic bits of rust and other minerals being released in the water you drink, bathe in and cook with. Not a pretty picture.


With a copper repipe our experienced plumbers will replace the old galvanized pipe with new copper piping and in most cases we’ll do it in One Day.

You’ll soon experience the “Repipe Difference” and wish you had repiped earlier.


We have completed a large number of repipes in Southern California, so when our crew steps into your home, you’ll be in good experienced hands. Call us for a FREE estimate.

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