Pex Repipe

PEX stands for polyethylene cross-linked. This is a flexible plastic tubing product that has been used for more than 40 years and is made from high-density polyethylene which allows it to be very durable.

Over the years, PEX has been modified to withstand improved heat resistance while maintaining its long-term strength.  

When you are looking to upgrade the hot and / or cold water system of your home, you have two options to consider when choosing pipes: PEX or Copper.

At Simpex Repipe & Plumbing, we believe that there are many advantages to choosing PEX. If you are unsure which type is best for you, your home, and your budget, call our experienced and professional technicians at (949) 396-6394.


We understand that when you are making improvements on your home, you are not only making choices on materials but also on how to invest in your home.

Our Southern California re-pipe technicians are fully certified to install PEX piping, and can educate you on the various benefits.

Among other advantages, PEX piping is:


 -  Budget friendly

  - Able to hold temperature, lowering your home's heating cost

  - Resistant to build up inside of the pipes, preventing damage

  - Resistant to freezing and bursts

  - Flexible

  - Long lasting

Our highly skilled team has vast experience in Pex Repiping.

We've replaced and installed a large number of Pex pipes in all types of residential and commercial structures.

We are trained to do it in the shortest possible time, with maximum efficiency and at the most affordable prices.



Have questions? Reach out to us today.


PEX is a durable and long-lasting piping that will ultimately save you time, stress, and money.

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