Slab Leak Repairs


- A hot or warm spot on your floor

- Water seeping up through your floor

- Rising water bill

- The sound of water running when nothing is on



Once a slab leak has been detected, our experienced leak specialist will provide you with an array of repair options. They can also tell you more about the pros and cons for each.

Simpex Repipe & Plumbing strives for the least destructive method when repairing a slab leak. In most instances the repair method will likely be determined by the location and nature of the leak.

However, homeowners are always encouraged to make informed decisions about these processes and how they are handled.


Spot repair: Spot repairs tend to be the most cost-effective and least invasive option for addressing small-sized leaks in a concentrated area.

This is when the slab is opened directly at the leak location in order to replace or repair any leaking pipes that exist.

For newly built homes, this is usually the preferred method of slab repair, as it will have the least impact on the integrity and aesthetics of the existing slab.


Re-pipe or Reroute: Older homes with ongoing plumbing problems will often require a more aggressive approach.

In these instances, aging pipes could be leaking in various areas beneath the slab, making a spot repair less efficient or impossible.

Slab repair professionals will often reroute the pipes in the affected areas or replace them entirely. Depending upon the age of the home and the condition of the pipes,

these jobs will often be essential for avoiding future issues.

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